Monday, April 20, 2009

Maybe This Is Why ACS Has Money Problems?

No, it is not the only reason and probably not a major reason, but come on - this kind of discount on the price of real estate says something aobut the business judgmetn of the ACS Board.

ACS land sale gets heated
Irma Stewart, the only black member of the ACS board, argued that it would contradict the board’s cost-saving efforts to hand land over for a fraction of the price, but board members P.T. Morgan and Keith Millikan spoke out in support of the sale.

“I do believe that we are in need of housing for the elderly,” Morgan said, arguing that the school district recently sold North Anderson Elementary School to the city parks department with the belief that it would better the community, much like an assisted-living facility would.

Due to its position on the west side of town, the assisted-living facility would likely serve Anderson’s black residents, but the idea of selling land at such a low cost did not sit well with Stewart. “You can always come up with a story that says we need to do this because it helps black people.”

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