Friday, March 27, 2009

Liberal Bias on Network TV? Nope

I always thought of the complaint of liberal bias as the whining of spoiled brats. Seems I was right and the Right was wrong.

"Grabe and Bucy found the volume of news coverage focusing exclusively on each party -- one measure of media bias -- favored Republicans. Their research found there were more single-party stories about Republicans overall and in each election year except 1992. When they studied the time duration of these stories, no pattern of favoritism was evident.

But they did spot differences when they studied visual coverage, that is, with the volume turned down.

'Reporters do exercise control over production decisions,' they write in their book. 'The internal structure of news stories -- their placement in the newscast, editing techniques and manipulations related to camera angles, shot lengths, eyewitness perspectives and zoom movements -- is at the volition of news workers, free of the influence of image handlers.'"

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