Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of the World

My reading has been disheveled at best these past few weeks, but I have not noticed anything like Two months to save the world.

The EEA's prediction offers a vision of Earth where humans have been forced into the most far-flung areas of the world in order to rebuild civilisation, with people living in high-rise cities in areas like Siberia and Antartica which will become the most hospitable parts of the planet. Even if Scotland, Europe and the US succeed in cutting their emissions by 80%, new coal and oil plants planned by China, India and other Asian countries will still double global carbon dioxide emissions to 16 billion tonnes by 2100. This would push carbon concentrations in the atmosphere well above the danger level.

Chicken Little or Cassandra? You make your pick. I incline to the idea that doing nothing makes us look like this:

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