Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sarah Palin Cry-baby

Sorry for the title's crudity but it does honestly reflect my reaction to the reports I heard Friday on television and to Howard Kurtz's Palin Pummels the Press. Just in case you have not heard, this is the story:
"By turns aggravated and bemused, Palin complained in the video that her press office is still getting calls about rumors that she is not the mother of her infant son. She called this 'quite absurd,' saying she is 'frustrated that I wasn't believed that Trig was really my son.

'When did we start accepting as hard news sources bloggers, anonymous bloggers especially? It's a sad state of affairs in the world of the media today, mainstream media especially, that they're going to rely on bloggers, anonymous bloggers, for their hard news information.'

Mainstream news outlets reported the rumor in September only after John McCain's campaign revealed the pregnancy of Palin's teenage daughter Bristol, citing the chatter about Trig as the reason for the disclosure. Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan -- who is hardly anonymous -- has questioned why Palin would not release medical records to prove she is the boy's mother, but has also posted information supporting her account."


Would she do it again? "That's a darned good question," Palin said, before concluding that she would. But she doesn't want people in the "lower 48" being "sucked into believing what too many in the mainstream media want them to believe."

I am one who does not think Governor Palin a dupe or a naif wandering in from the tundra. I think she possesses an excessive ambition hiding behind her pleasing looks and gee-whiz. She plays well on usual trope of Republicans - victim of those who want to keep the Republicans from saving the country from the corrupt, the misguided, the wrong-headed and return us to our state of grace that existed before 1932. Not unlike George W. Bush in her convictions but lacking even his slight abilities or experience.

As a coda, a shout out for Keith Olbermann:
On his Web site, Ziegler says that when Palin saw a picture of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, "she literally let out a shriek and, pointing to his photograph, declared, 'THAT guy is EVIL!' "

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