Thursday, January 08, 2009

More Bush BS

I heard about how Bush played games keeping Obama out of Blair House until the 15th. Al Kamen wrote about it in No Room at Blair House for the Obamas? Yep -- That Australian Guy Will Be There.. This seems like the power-tripping, petty Bush I will not miss.
"The veil is lifted. We now know who is booked at Blair House, kicking President-elect Barack Obama and his family to the waiting list and across Lafayette Square to the Hay-Adams Hotel.

The only overnight visitor at the presidential guest manse is none other than John Howard, a former Australian prime minister and leading member of President Bush's coalition of the willing in Iraq."


The incoming first family requested an early move-in at the 70,000-square-foot, 119-room mansion across the street from the White House so the children could settle in to start school this week at Sidwell Friends School. But the Obamas was told the residence had been booked, so they took a suite at the Hay-Adams.

At the time, the White House would not say which events were bumping the Obamas.

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