Friday, January 23, 2009

Indiana State Government and the Internet

Something a bit rare, a compliment to the Indiana government and in particular the Natural Resources Commission:

"The Natural Resources Commission and the Department of Natural Resources invite you to offer suggestions of substantive and material amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Rules found at 312 IAC 9. Evaluating the merit of the suggestions will be the primary responsibility of the Natural Resources Advisory Council, which will offer a report to the Natural Resources Commission along with its recommendation for further action with respect to suggestions deemed meritorious.

It is expected that the Natural Resources Advisory Council will begin its consideration of the suggestions in April 2009 in anticipation of presenting its report to the Natural Resources Commission in September 2009. While every effort has been made to accurately estimate the time frames set for this project, they are subject to change depending upon several factors, including the number of suggestions received."

So what? Rulemaking by government agencies usually occurs in such a way that the general public knows nothing about it because its very openness is obscure. I get an e-mail from the DNR that lets me know this is up on the site - the same e-mail group that sends out general notices from the DNR. Pretty open for government.

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