Saturday, November 01, 2008

James Fallows on the Obama "Infomercial"

I really hate the term infomercial. Still, it seems the only thing to use. I was impressed by what Obama did on Wednesday night - but when does Obama not impress when he speaks? On one hand, the television buy impresses for its sheer audacity (good thing Obama had the money) and for its content. If you do not know the same kind of people that Obama highlighted, then I guess you get out even less than I do.

James Fallows of The Atlantic has a short piece on the piece here. Good points made without a lot of over thinking, but he really hits a point here:
We can wonder later on -- and, minus something we can't now imagine, we can wonder pretty soon -- about the organizational and analytic skills Obama will display in office. But as a collection of talents brought to bear in a campaign, this is quite remarkable. And the sequential underestimations -- by the Hillary Clinton camp, and now by the Republicans -- will merit future analysis.
I find myself fascinated by how poorly prepared the Republicans were for Obama. Is this the end of Rovian tactics in our politics? Is Obama leading or just a part of a historical change?

Or have we, the people, gotten wise to all of the cant and humbug of political campaigns?

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