Sunday, November 02, 2008

Endorsement: Barry Welch

It was my great disappointment this year not to do more to tout Reverend Welsh. He has debated Representative Pence twice and done well both times.

Anyone who confuses a Baghdad market with an Indiana farmer's market sorely lacks good sense. Anyone who supports George W. Bush as much as did Pence needs removing from the public sphere for someone who can think for themselves. Consider this from The Muncie Star Press:
Republican Congressman Mike Pence has voted with the American Conservative Union's position 99 percent of the time, and he supported President George Bush 92 percent of the time during 2007.

Are voters in Pence's sixth Congressional district that conservative?

"That's a great question," says Pence's Democratic challenger, Barry Welsh, a Methodist minister. "We'll find that out Tuesday."

Welsh, who is the same age as Pence -- 49 -- says he is not a "fire-breathing liberal."

"I think the district has swung a little bit and he might be a little too conservative for the district," Welsh says. "I'm a fiscal conservative but a social moderate. That's a big difference. He's a fiscal conservative and a social conservative as well."

The problem with ideologues is that they attempt to make the world fit their ideas instead of fitting their idea to the world. Such characters belong in academia or a think tank, not where they can do damage to the rest of us.

For an example, NAFTA remains beloved by the conservatives like Pence. I agree that theory makes free trade a good thing but the facts have shown us here in Madison County the wrongness of free but unfair trade. Mr. Perot's giant sucking sound was more of a continuous drain. Representative Pence does seem to see the difference between free but fair trade and free trade that is also unfair.

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