Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Somber, Serious Morning with a Reminder of Reality

Three days of wheezing lungs have pretty much done in any amusement for me. I mention because it may affect my judgment here. As I was leaving for work, I ran across Cohen: Kiplin' vs. Palin. I like Kipling's poetry. Read the article which ends this way:

Palin, Mainstreeter that she is, loves to drop her g's, so she'd no doubt call the poet Kiplin'. She might have asked, with that wink, to call him "Rud."

That's cutesy politics. But pigs still don't have wings. It's time for copybook realists in the White House.

Cohen hits a certain dire note that resonates with me today. I see Obama as the realist we need and McCain as not. But that is not the real worry. The worry is if we, the people, are ready to be realists or need to supplicated with fantasy. Time for all of us to take the bitter with the good.

For the whole poem, go here.

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