Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama and Israel

I thought about this the other day. Frankly, I support Israel. They and the Turks are our best friends in the Mideast. Yet, my enthusiasm started waning when Sharon charged through that Palestinian camp and I realize that Israel's interests and ours are not always the same. Nor can they ever be - no person's interests are precisely the same as another's and this is as true for country's. Consider now the following from Obama and the Jews:
"The notion that a President Barack Obama would have a desire or ability to walk away from this consensus American position is ludicrous. But given the simmering controversy over whether Mr. Obama is “good for Israel,” it’s worth exploring this question: What really makes a pro-Israel president?"

Personally, as an American Jew, I don’t vote for president on the basis of who will be the strongest supporter of Israel. I vote for who will make America strongest. It’s not only because this is my country, first and always, but because the single greatest source of support and protection for Israel is an America that is financially and militarily strong, and globally respected. Nothing would imperil Israel more than an enfeebled, isolated America.

But what matters a lot more is that under Mr. Bush, America today is neither feared nor respected nor liked in the Middle East, and that his lack of an energy policy for seven years has left Israel’s enemies and America’s enemies — the petro-dictators and the terrorists they support — stronger than ever. The rise of Iran as a threat to Israel today is directly related to Mr. Bush’s failure to succeed in Iraq and to develop alternatives to oil.

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