Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Why Not Try This Idea in Indiana?

Other than our current state government's inability to see past industrial farms, I see no reason for not copying this bit from Scotland's The Sunday Herald's Local labels could aid consumers in beating the world food crisis:
"CLEAR LABELLING with the name and location of the producer should become the frontline in Scotland's response to the global food crisis, according to industry experts.

Highly sophisticated consumer choices based on who produces food and its provenance will drive changes in the market, says Nicki Holmyard of industry group Seafood Scotland.

As soaring global food costs and fuel bills bite, producers predict a restructuring of the £7.3 billion Scottish market with consumers turning to locally-sourced produce, in line with the Sunday Herald's campaign to eat local.

Holmyard said the kind of labelling where the 'consumer sees the whites of the producer's eyes' was more important than a generic 'product of Scotland' campaign.

The food and drinks industry employs more than 360,000 people in 21,000 businesses across Scotland. Exports are worth about £4bn.

'I don't think a general Scottish brand is as important as the story of the fisherman or farmer and how the produce was sourced and got to their table,' said Holmyard. 'Consumers are much more sophisticated now and they want to nail it into traceability, responsible sourcing and knowing it is sustainable.'"

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