Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About Indiana's Economic Numbers

A bit of old news worth remembering - Muncie's Star Press published Numbers don’t support state’s claim all is well:
"The state's experiment with the privatization of the welfare system is seriously flawed. The 500 people who showed up for a town hall meeting in Muncie last week is ample evidence, as are the dozens of letters and calls from desperate families to local newspapers after losing their Medicaid and food stamp benefits. That's not to mention the local social service agencies and food banks that say they are strained by a massive increase in need."


During the February to February period, the number of households in the 12-county pilot program area receiving food stamps -- which average slightly more than two people each -- dropped by 1,259 or 2.37 percent. Eight of the 12 counties showed losses. Just four had gains, including Tipton County, where the gain was five households, and Carroll County, which gained one household over the year.

In Delaware County, 510 fewer households received food stamps, a decrease of 7.47 percent. In Madison, Blackford and Cass counties, the number of food stamp households dropped 5 percent or more.

Fifteen counties outside of the Marion call center region and not part of the privatization program during the same period, were checked. All showed an increase in food stamp numbers -- every single one. That includes wealthy Hamilton County, which had a 6-percent gain.

We need to remember this as we hear Mitch Daniels' touting his record as Governor.

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