Monday, April 27, 2009

Lemon Drop and Gene's Root Get Mentioned in The New York Times

An Indiana Town Appreciates Obama, and That Stimulus Cash, Too:

"Thanks to the stimulus plan, a part-time dentist and three other health workers will soon arrive at the health center that sits along Ohio Avenue in the shadows of closed plants. The building, where patients squeeze into in a few examination rooms, will expand to house nearly triple the work force of 35 if a federal grant of $450,000 arrives.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m saying, Thank God,” said Mr. Malone, president of the Madison County Community Health Center, which like other offices here is troubled by budget shortfalls. “Yes, stimulus money makes a difference. It’s created a new sense of hope in this community.”"


A drive through Anderson brings to life some of the complex challenges that Mr. Obama inherited, notably the final shift to a service-based economy. A casino with a flashing neon advertisement, “Easy Come, Easy Dough,” sits near a Starbucks and a string of other chain stores, while less than a mile away is a desolate patch once so busy with General Motors workers that plants staggered schedules to keep traffic moving.

These problems are far bigger than one president, particularly because Anderson has been in economic decline since Mr. Obama was a teenager. Its history can be glimpsed in symbols of the past that remain open, like the Lemon Drop Drive In and Gene’s Root Beer.

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