Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Decision is Not Anti-Democratic

I have been concentrating on other things again and not paying much attention to some of the political blogs. I did a post on the Iowa case on another blog of mine (for that article go here). Once again there is ranting that an appellate court was being anti-democratic, anti-majoritarian, tyrannical, etc.. Oddly (yes, I am being sarcastic here), those making those claims oppose the decision.

As a lawyer, I know of only one way to describe these sort of people: sore losers. That also goes for those decrying decisions which go against my own political views.

Don Sherfick posted And then there's Vermont over on the Indiana Equality blog. I first saw the topic discussed on Lawyers. Guns and Money in the post Problematic Conceptions of Democracy, Selectively Applied. Both are good articles but I did add a comment to the second one.

Judicial opinions may be poorly reasoned, they may be stupid, but you got to read the things to discover those facts. I disagree with rulings but I judge them on the basis of how they explain how they got to their result. Go read the opinion (there is a link to it on my other post here). I thought it did a very good job of explaining itself. Tyrannical, no. Just people doing their job as best they can.

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