Monday, April 13, 2009

Follow up on The Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Decision is Not Anti-Democratic

Please read Don Sherfick's Iowa's impact on Indiana: my heart versus my head from Indiana Equality:

Besides, all this stuff about the “tyranny of an unelected activist judiciary” as the reason for a constitutional amendment is just so much disingenuous baloney (you won’t find that term in Black’s Law Dictionary). Once upon a time those pushing a prior version of their proposed amendment loudly claimed that it definitely wouldn’t keep the General Assembly from enacting civil unions. Now, although they’ve gone to great lengths to avoid pointing it out, their new measure would stop a popularly elected set of lawmakers from passing such legislation or anything near it.

Read My Lips: It AIN’T just about judges…that’s a convenient and misleading slogan…..what they really want is do is make it nearly impossible for future Hoosiers, already changing in their attitudes, to work the popular will concerning the civil rights of gay and lesbian couples. “The times, they are a changing”, and those who take upon themselves to permanently enshrine what they consider “God’s will” into the state’s highest legal document are getting frantic.

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