Thursday, April 16, 2009

Economic Development: Ideas for Indiana Out of Florida

From The Atlantic Business Channel comes Renewing Florida that makes me think our local ideas have been a bit threadbare (regardless of Mitch Daniel's "boldness"):
"It is worth emphasizing that Florida has chosen not to draw upon universities or government laboratories as it develops these new campuses. Rather, the state and its counties have asked private research institutes to replicate their own outstanding successes. This is a key element in Florida's strategy: private research centers have more more flexibility in creating partnerships with industry than do most universities and government laboratories.

To that end, the state of Florida has set aside land for new high-tech and biotech companies adjacent to each of the new research centers. I hope that this second phase of the plan will not be too badly hurt by the current economic crisis. (See my previous post on this site, 'High Tech at Risk.')"

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