Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Employers Planning to Cut Health Benefits

Just what we need right now (and, yes, that is sarcasm). I hard grousing on MSNBC this morning about Obama pushing health care reform while also trying to get the credit unfrozen. As if health insurance/benefits were a key part of the economy. What will the AMA do when medical insurance no longer exists or the payments decline? Welcome to the free market, Doctors.

Take a look at Survey Finds Nearly 20 Percent of Employers Plan to Drop Health Benefits from workforce.com:
Nineteen percent of employers responding to a new Hewitt Associates survey are planning to stop offering health benefits over the next three to five years, nearly five times as many as the 4 percent that said they were planning an exit strategy last year.
When employers were asked to what extent health care reform proposals outlined by the Barack Obama administration would affect their current health care strategies, 51 percent said they would have some impact, while 44 percent said it would have no impact.
• While one-third of executives think the Obama administration and Congress should address health reform in the president’s first year in office,
63 percent believe it will take place in Obama’s first term.
• Moreover, 60 percent of executive said the federal government should take the lead, while 33 percent said the federal government and the states should share responsibility.

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