Monday, February 23, 2009

Racism - Indiana and Elsewhere

No kidding: Racism still a reality, despite Obama victory.
Gaps between white Americans and people of color continue to be a reality in education, wealth, employment and incarceration rates. Obama may be a sign of an opening in the political realm, but he has not closed the other gaps that exist, according to local residents.The idea that one race is superior to another has been set into many familial beliefs, and generational changes will have to take place before racism is a thing of the past, they argue.
And if that is not enough, read Keeping whites and colors separate: The "U-Washee" from The Bilerico Project:
"One of the best examples is the 'U-Washee' in Richmond, Indiana. The laundromat is, literally, built on racist stereotypes of Chinese people and no one gives it a passing glance. It's 1940's era cartoon stereotype mascot, what Margaret Cho calls 'feng shui hong kong fooey font,' and the extra 'ee's at the end of words in the business's name and posted notices all combine to form one hellish timewarp into a past America most areas have forgotten but we tend to accept as typical - and no one utters a peep."

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