Sunday, February 22, 2009

Noting Some Indiana Blogs

Thanks to Tim Zank posting a comment, I ran across a few new Indiana blogs.

Mr. Zank publishes Just for the Record. It appears to be a hard Libertarian blog. I do wish I knew how he got Blogger formatted the way he has because it has the look I want for Trifles and why I want to move this over to WordPress. We will probably disagree about a lot but give him a look- he has enthusiasm and writes well. I was impressed a lot by his blogroll.

From Just for the Record, I found Fort Wayne Artists. Down this way we do get overwhelmed by Indianapolis and forget that Fort Wayne has culture. And it is not that far to drive. Scanning it, I see a lot of announcements for exhibitions that might be of interest. Now if I can find time from work and convince the wife to take a drive....

Just for the Record also lead me to Change Fort Wayne. Lot of interesting stuff happens in Fort Wayne and I am a little embarrassed not to know about it. I guess some of it is because I no longer have the Fort Wayne newspapers in my RSS reader. Give My Loopholes a look. I know why I have not seen this loophole used in Anderson but have some guesses why it is being seen in Fort Wayne, but it raises some issues that might apply generally to Indiana.

I also wandered over to Left of Centrist. I think it has been an embarrassingly long time since I dropped in there and I see the blog has gone on hiatus.

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