Saturday, January 03, 2009

Is Madison County Getting a Toxic Waste Incinerator?

I keep seeing signs. Even saw a truck proclaiming a meeting this coming week - cannot remember when. This is the only news I have seen and it came from The Muncie Star Press: Lutz seeks hearing on Madison County incinerator plans:

"In a recent letter to IDEM, Lutz asked for the hearing to give the public the opportunity to learn about and discuss the permitting and zoning procedure of the incinerator.

'It is important for the citizens of Madison County, especially those of Anderson, to be aware of the planning that is taking place,' Lutz said. 'When a project of this type is proposed in an area, I believe the residents have the right to meet and discuss the issues at hand surrounding the construction of a waste incinerator.'"
Bad thing is how ineffective is our IDEM.

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