Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More on Republicans and The Big Three

A few more discussions worth picking up on after my post yesterday:

Doug Masson has a good discussion going on here (good even though I put my two cents in).

Harold Meyerson wrote the following in his column, The United Auto Workers as the Architect of U.S. Prosperity:
"Narrow? Parochial? The UAW not only built the American middle class but helped engender every movement at the center of American liberalism today -- which is one reason that conservatives have always held the union in particular disdain.

Over the past several weeks, it has become clear that the Republican right hates the UAW so much that it would prefer to plunge the nation into a depression rather than craft a bridge loan that doesn't single out the auto industry's unionized workers for punishment. (As manufacturing consultant Michael Wessel pointed out, no Republican demanded that Big Three executives have their pay permanently reduced to the relatively spartan levels of Japanese auto executives' pay.) Today, setting the terms of that loan has become the final task of the Bush presidency, which puts the auto workers in the unenviable position of depending, if not on the kindness of strangers, then on the impartiality of the most partisan president of modern times."


In a narrow sense, what the Republicans are proposing would gut the benefits of roughly a million retirees. In a broad sense, they want to destroy the institution that did more than any other to raise American living standards, and they want to do it by using the power of government to lower American living standards -- in the middle of the most severe recession since the 1930s. The auto workers deserve better, and so does the nation they did so much to build.
I also thank Doug Masson for the link to Balloon Justice's What If Instead of GM, We Started Calling Them Terri Schiavo Motorworks?. A long post, lots of information, presented much more rationally (ok, more rationally to me) than the pro-bankruptcy side.

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