Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dick Cheney - The (Long ) Goodbye Tour

Enough already, I was going to title this Dick Cheney - Great A**hole Ever to Be Vice President? but thought better of it. Could the Vice President and his equally embarrassing President just shuffle off to some corner and let us forget we let ourselves be hoodwinked by these two whose only great achievements were their incompetency and their mendacity.

Meanwhile, I must take issue with the following paragraph from The New York Times editorial The World According to Cheney:
"So Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush managed to stop short of repeating two of the most outrageous abuses of power in American history — Roosevelt’s decision to force Japanese-Americans into camps and Lincoln’s declaration of martial law to silence his critics? That’s not exactly a lofty standard of behavior."
I cannot defend either FDR's treatment of Japanese-Americans or Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus, but the Times overlooks one major difference between FDR and Lincoln and Bush. Neither Lincoln nor FDR repudiated the role of Congress as has Bush.

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