Thursday, November 06, 2008

Updating Republicans Hold Onto Top State Offices. Why?

Yesterday John Ketzenbarger wrote Voters sought change; Mitch got the nod which I did not see until today but does fit into my post Republicans Hold Onto Top State Offices. Why?.

House Speaker Patrick Bauer, D-South Bend, and Daniels have developed a grudging mutual respect in the last four years. Case in point: privatizing the Hoosier Lottery. After Bauer objected, Daniels offered to bond against lottery proceeds to raise the money for college scholarships instead, an idea with more appeal to Bauer.

That give and take is important. Indiana needs progressive leadership to remake the state's economy and re- educate its work force, said John Mutz, a former lieutenant governor. "I won't say it's desperate, but this is a crucial moment in the economic history of the state," Mutz said.

Hence the desire for change.

"Some (change) will be good and some may be difficult," said Frank Hancock, the owner and chief executive of Sport Graphics. "But if it gets the country all headed in the right direction, (with) everyone better working together, it will be good for all, regardless of owning a business or working for one."

The voters knew what they were doing.

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