Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ok, One More Last Palin Post

I keep saying that I will write no more about the Governor from Alaska but a friend of mine pointed me to Beth Murphy's The word from Alaska in The Indianapolis Star. That left me no choice.

Seems Mrs. Murphy has some Alaska connections:
Amid all the Palin coverage, a familiar name popped up: Kim Elton, a former Anchorage Times colleague of mine. He's now Alaska state Sen. Kim Elton, a Democrat representing Juneau (and Obama supporter) who chairs the Legislative Council, which investigated Palin's involvement with the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan. I contacted Kim, and asked him if he would answer a few questions, via email, and he graciously agreed to do that while he was busy with legislative organization in Anchorage.
Out of the three questions asked, I found these two and their answers interesting (in that scary way Palin has for me):

Does Sarah Palin have a future in national politics?"I think our governor does have a future in national politics, but I'm not sure she does in presidential politics. It's interesting to note she will apparently campaign for Georgia Sen. Chambliss in his runoff race and I suspect she will be hitting the talk circuit to keep options open. The internal GOP debate on where the party wants to go will either enhance her chances or . . .? I suspect she may want to go for the (Alaska Sen. Ted) Stevens' Senate seat if he finally prevails and is then bounced."

Would she have to tone down her "pro-America, anti-America" rhetoric? I think she is too locked into her rhetoric to easily back away from it, especially from the outpost of Alaska. If she does go to the Senate, that makes it easier to begin shifting to a new tone, but I suspect the old tone is the real tone.

Now could someone explain if Alaska is really as nutty as it now seems?

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