Monday, November 10, 2008

Explanations of Obama's Win From The Atlantic

Some interesting stuff in The Atlantic's The Obama Win: Explanations And Theories:
President Bush and Republicans were sent to the doghouse. This was a huge opportunity year for Democrats, and Obama took advantage of it in every possible way -- great campaign, virtually no mistakes (dealing with the controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the "bitter/cling" remarks are the only two I can think of.), they built a huge organization (the DNC and Howard Dean deserve some credit here too) and an unbelievable $630 million+ financial machine. Two times as many voters said they were personally contacted by the Obama campaign as by the McCain campaign.

But why, in the middle of a crisis, did Americans choose an unknown Illinois senator with a funny name over a war hero they've known for years?
And then comes a long discussion of exit polling data. Bottom line? The better candidate won this time.

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