Saturday, November 15, 2008

Business in the Internet Age

Brevini official monitoring online 'bickering' from The Muncie Star has something for all of us to remember in this day of the Internet and local governments seeking foreign business. Remember everyone is altogether and easy to find.

Officers of Brevini -- which will relocate its national headquarters from a suburb of Chicago to western Delaware County in 2009 and 2010 -- pay attention to the Web site for The Star Press and are surprised by the amount of political in-fighting in the community.

"I mentioned to the mayor I was concerned about all this bickering we read," said Sal Spada, president of Brevini USA. "I don't envy her. I could never be mayor.

"Not everybody's going to be happy no matter what you do, we understand that. But some of the blurbs being published, it doesn't feel right."

At the time of the Brevini announcement, Mayor Sharon McShurley said she had played a role in landing Brevini even though the wind turbine gearbox plant will locate outside the city limits in the Park One/332 business park at Interstate 69.

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