Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on New Jersey Voting Machine Case

See my earlier post here.

This comes from Forbes:

A Superior Court judge ordered stepped up security of 10,000 electronic voting machines in New Jersey Friday and agreed to release a Princeton University professor's report that questions the reliability of the machines.

Princeton's Coalition for Peace Action and others who have sued to force the state to return to paper balloting sought the release of the report, which they say bolsters their claim that touch-screen voting machines are vulnerable to hacking and can miscount votes.

"The landmark is that for the first time a 100 percent independent review of the technology took place," said Irene Goldman, chairwoman of the coalition and one of the plaintiffs. "Everybody should be very happy there is a report that tells the truth about these machines."

Judge Linda Feinberg agreed with electronic voting critics that the public has the right to view the report, but redacted four sections to keep from possibly revealing manufacturer Sequoia Voting Systems' trade secrets.

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