Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans - Seeing the Real You at Last

Have you heard about the Republican Congresswoman who is nuts? I say nuts since she thinks other members of Congress are un-American, that Obama is anti-American. If you have not, here is a good place to start with the story (lots of linkage to things like her MSNBC interview): Bachmann's Seat Up For Grabs.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's McCarthyite rant about investigating alleged "anti-American" members of Congress may cost her a job.

Bachmann's Democratic opponent, El Tinklenberg, has raised over $640,000 since Bachmann's Hardball appearance on Friday. Her GOP primary challenger, Aubrey Immelman, announced her intention to run as a write-in candidate. Over 52,000 people have signed a petition to censure Bachmann in the House of Representatives. Colin Powell called her comments "nonsense."

Damn but it sounds like Germany circa 1933. Nor is she alone in her frothing at the mouth: Senator Martinez of Florida, Palin, Cheney, Bush, and even McCain.

Has the Republican Party always been the The Know Nothing Party in disguise? I could craft a well-reasoned but long argument about why she is so wrong and what is so wrong with her. I just do not have the time.

What we are seeing is the Republican Party for what it has been for many decades: a political fraud trading on fears and bigotry to keep the power it seems to think has been ordained it from The Almighty.

Landfill Point's War on Panic makes the kind of argument I wish I had to do this morning.

Meanwhile, this song keeps going through my head:


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