Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lake County early-voting case goes to Indiana Supreme Court and Kvethcing in Marion County

High court transfer filed in early-voting case:
"The plaintiffs in a suit challenging Lake County early-voting satellite locations are appealing a special judge's order to keep the locations open to the Indiana Supreme Court.

John B. Curley, chairman of the Lake County, Indiana, Republican Central Committee, and Jim B. Brown, a member of the Lake County Board of Elections and Registration, want the Supreme Court to grant immediate transfer to the consolidated case, John B. Curley, et al. v. Lake County Board of Elections and Registration, et al., No. 45D01-0810-PL-82, so it can be resolved before the Nov. 4 election."
If there has been a decision I have missed out on it. Not impossible this week - harried is the word of the week.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Marion County Republicans are raising a ruckus in Indianapolis: Judge to hear ballot suit today.

Marion County election officials said Thursday that a Republican Party lawsuit seeking more scrutiny of absentee ballots was overblown and based on a misunderstanding of early-voting procedures.

Marion Circuit Judge Theodore Sosin will hear both sides today in the dispute, which is based on potential challenges of ballots cast early, either by mail or in person. County GOP Chairman Tom John said the party took action over concerns that improper absentee ballots would be counted as valid by poll workers Tuesday even if they lack the voter's signature or have other defects
Come up to the second floor of the Madison County Government Center and see the long line of early voters. I hear today that Indiana is a tie in the presidential race.

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