Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Debate

I watched it all. Probably should not have - still struggling to get my real work done. I seem to be writing a lot for a dead blog. Ah, it is a very strange year.

Town halls were supposed to be McCain's strong suit? Obama held his own or out did McCain.

I gritted my teeth and growled when McCain went after Obama about small businesses and taxes. Either McCain does not know that most small businesses are set up as Subchapter S corporations or he does and wants to mislead. Subchapter S means the owners get taxed on what they get from the business (that is after business expenses) at their personal rate. The business may make a million but the tax is not on that million.

I also got to question McCain's veracity on Afghanistan's history between Soviet invasion to our invasion. Obama has a much better handle on foreign policy than he is supposed to.

I do think that Obama muffed the last question. That could have been a killer.

I do not think this debate will change anyone's minds. Well, maybe some conservatives who will hate buying up bad mortgages.

One final thing, every time McCain talked about the President needed a calm, steady hand did I think that the only firm, steady hand there was not his?

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