Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waking up to Mrs. Palin

No, this is not a MILF post. Two different articles, three different newspapers published pieces on Palin by women. All have cogent reasons on why Palin was not a good choice. All three seem to turn on the Katie Couric interview.

Poor Sarah

The Palin Problem

Tracing source of women's hate for Palin

Even women realize that Palin is a mistake, a Not-Ready-For-Primetime-Player. How all this reflects on McCain is not really touched on by any of the three above.

What will not be clear for a while is whether McCain's idea of keeping her from the media was because they knew she could not bear up under any scrutiny or to give them time to prep her. If it was the former, then the man ought not be elected President. As for the second choice: they have done a horrible job of preparing her for the wider world and she ought to be P.O.ed.

All that said, she might just be a force to reckon with on the Republican side in later days (barring a cremation come Thursday night or before the election). All I can say is that they are welcome to her. Certainly, not a replacement for Hilary.

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