Monday, September 22, 2008

Summit explores carbon capture, storage ideas

Summit explores carbon capture, storage ideas:
"With federal greenhouse gas limits possible in the near future, Indiana's utilities could soon face the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants that generate most of the state's electricity.

A state-sponsored two-day summit exploring that issue and fledgling technologies that could eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by burying the liquefied gas far below ground drew about 150 people this week to the IUPUI campus.

Gov. Mitch Daniels told the gathering of business, academic and environmental leaders that the nation seems poised to set limits on carbon dioxide emissions to combat climate change.

With those caps likely coming, he said Indiana needs to be a leader in so-called carbon capture and sequestration - removing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions before it enters the air and burying it deep underground beneath dense layers of rock."

Geez, why whenever Mitch Daniels talks about leadership I see him as the Gopher of the Titantic? He seems to always know when leadership is needed by no idea of how to lead or where to lead.

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