Friday, September 12, 2008

Protesting Too Much - Republicans and Palin

The Republicans protest too much. Making more noise than anti-aircraft fire in a WW2 movie and having all the substance of of a soap bubble, do they really expect us to be conned? Maybe Phil Gramm let the cat out of the bag and did not know it: Republicans are whiners.

Take a look at Eugene Robinson's The Scream Machine:
"It's not in McCain's interest to talk about the 46 million Americans who don't have medical insurance; Obama has a plan to get most of them covered, while McCain promises a modest tax credit and his best wishes for good health. It's not in McCain's interest to talk about the economy; Obama wants to renew our sense of shared enterprise and responsibility, while McCain is happy to stick with the Republican philosophy of 'I've got mine, suckers.' It's not in McCain's interest to talk seriously about the occupation of Iraq; Obama was prescient in calling for a withdrawal date, while McCain outdoes even George W. Bush in insisting that our troops stay where they are no longer even wanted."
Palin distracts from many things - like McCain's overweening ambition to be President means he will do whatever it takes to win. Even if that is not good for country.

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