Wednesday, July 16, 2008

City Spotlights New Business

Yes, we can do well here. The following is from the City's Spotlight newsletter:
One of Anderson’s big dreamers is Pete Bitar, President of AirBuoyant, Xtreme Alternate Defense Systems, and a self described “tinkerer”. Bitar has now assembled a team of rocket scientists and aerospace experts into Team LunaTrex, now in the pursuit of the Google Lunar X Prize- a mission to land a rover on the moon, travel on the lunar surface, transmit HD video to Earth. .. and capture a $30 million dollar prize. Whether Team LunaTrex wins the competition or not, Bitar’s gathering of minds is bound to create spinoff technological advances and spur local economic growth. With ample, affordable municipal utilities, two business incubators, and the company of other experienced entrepreneurs, Anderson has the Energy, Innovation, and Experience it takes to turn big dreams into great advances. We salute the big dreamers of the past and look forward to all the innovation that is born in the garages, business incubators, and high tech industrial labs that call Anderson home.

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